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Jurassic Park

The smell of stale popcorn, the pitch black shade of the theater and the AC blowing turbo jet cold all set the mood for the epic movie going experience that was Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. In the ancient times of 1993, pre-Netflix and HBO Max, seeing a film like Jurassic Park in the theater was similar to riding a roller coaster. Witnessing vibrant life-like velociraptors stalk Jeff Goldblum or the thunderous footsteps of a T-Rex cause ripples in drinking water can leave quite an impression. The movie not only created a still thriving franchise, it also forged its own instantly recognizable visual style. From its now iconic logo to the coruscating kaleidoscope of colors used on the various enormous reptiles, Spielberg’s technique has firmly entered into the pop culture lexicon. Reebok, no stranger to easy to spot quintessential styles, has teamed up with the film franchise to stir up yet another batch of nostalgia with it’s new line of Jurassic Park inspired shoes releasing this summer like a block buster film.

Reebok’s Club C model is no stranger to anyone who loves both sneakers as well as simplicity. The traditionally low-key model usually boasts a clean leather upper with ‘barely there’ Reebok branding. The designers found a way to keep this sacred but injected the spirit of the film into the shoe as well. Instead of the neutral color that usually accompanies a Club C, this shoe is covered in short hair suede in a earth tone brown that pay homage to muddy environment of the dinosaurs in the film. The inside of the shoe pop with a paisley red pattern that breaks up the monotony. The Reebok logo is cleverly split in two and adorned with a faux scar as if a clawed monster became irate with the shoe.

While the Club C thrives off its simplicity, the CL leather model stylistically goes in the exact opposite direction. The entire shoe is a beautiful identity crisis. The silhouette boats two different designs on one shoe. The inner portion is a crisp black leather etched with a simple JP pattern. The outer portion is the reason the phrase “you have to see it to believe it” was created. The base is adorned with pictures of different flowers and shrubbery inspired by the film’s setting. This is overlaid with a design of a frightening batch of claws, a pink polkadot design and a few cartoon characters that resemble characters from the movie. Most importantly the phrase “pile of sh**”” is stitched on the heel, a phrase that Jurassic Park buffs know well. There is also a gorgeous blue gem in the middle of the shoe that ties in with the films plot. The shoes resembles a art piece as much as it does footwear.

Finally, the shoe in this collection that has created the most buzz for obvious reasons is the Omni Pump II. On its own, the pump is celebrated by hoopers, fashionistas and sneaker heads alike. Now movie buffs can be added to that list. The high top silhouette has supple green leather, inspired by lizard skin and hints of red and yellow taking from the film’s logo. The actual pump is the fossil rendition of the T-rex. While the shoe itself would be a head turner, the real star of this show is the incredible packaging. The shoes come in a huge replica of the Barbasol shaving can that started all the trouble in the film. When the owner slides the cardboard off it revealed the viles that held the dinosaur DNA. This shoes is a much have for any shoe collector or fan of the movie.

The shoes come storming into Eight-One on July 30th. Get them before they’re extinct.
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