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Step on Over

In 2001 the small statured, cornrowed coifed, tattooed Allen Iverson captured the hearts of hoops fans all over the country. The 76ers’ shooting guard dragged a mediocre team to the NBA finals against the dominant Kobe and Shaq lead Lakers, seemingly by sheer will. While the powerhouse Los Angeles team predictably took care of the 76ers in 5 games, game 1 was an epic instant classic overtime win for Philly. The thrilling upset win was solidified when Iverson crossed over his defender (Tyron Lue) causing him to fall while simultaneously sinking the game sealing jumper. Iverson then took a giant step over the visibly embarrassed Lue and created a iconic NBA moment forever immortalized as “the step over”.

Reebok is now paying its respects to Iverson by re-releasing the shoes that he was wearing during the seminal moment. The 20 year old, black and white Answer IV’s are now fittingly dubbed the "Step Over”. The classic silhouette includes easily wearable color blocking that makes the kicks resemble a pair of black dress shoes accessorized with white spats, adding a classy touch to the sneakers. The black leather on the upper is smooth and clean while the contrasting white leather is tumbled and more rigid. The laces are creatively hidden with a zipper enclosure and a small velcro strap creating a secure lockdown on the forefoot. Additionally, the jet black sole contain Reebok’s patented DMX cushioning which no doubt saved the diminutive prolific scorer’s body from getting as bruised as it could have.

While the shoes contained the cutting edge sneaker technology of the time, Reebok did not skimp on nods to Iverson’s (then controversial) signature hip hop inspired style.The I3 logo is stamped on the tongue and stylishly peppered on each side of the shoe and Iverson’s autograph emblazons the back of the shoe. Finally, when the shoe is turned upside down a portrait of Iverson’s face can be seen on heel. There’s no doubt that Tyron Lue still sees this image in his nightmares.

You can step over your opponents as well by picking up these classic kicks at www.EightOneShop at 11pm cst on June 3rd and in store on June 4th.

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